Jerome’s approach to Weddings
I like to come to your wedding and observe and capture all the details happening around you. I do not capture people as much as I capture relationships. I love weddings! Before you say, “everyone says that,” here is why: it is one of the last North American rituals where grandparents and grand kids dance together. This is one day in our lives where there are no social or generational gaps, where everyone is accepted and loved equally. Isn’t that extraordinary on its own? Add the love story of the bride and groom and a hopelessly romantic photographer, and it makes it an irresistible assignment for me.
The prized and cherished photos taken of the bride and groom for your parents… A sprinkle of classic posing can add a gracious note of timelessness to their wedding portrait collection. Our fresh approach to traditional wedding images will connect you to the generations who have gone before you, and at the same time allow you to add a present tense among the wedding photos that may already adorn your family home.
Being in love… what are the moments that show it? It may be a hand resting on her shoulder, idly playing with a lock of her hair, in a look of shared amusement that passes between you that no one else but you can see… or a tender caress when you think no one is watching… Romance isn’t about being “picture perfect”, it is about connecting in a way that is genuine. We will capture romance in a way that is honest and shows the heartfelt link between two people in love.
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