I met with Julia and Jon about a year before the wedding and within a few hours I knew both Jon and Julia would become dear to me. I was enamoured by the way they loved each other. I am proud to call them friends today. If you have been browsing this website for a while now, it is not the first time you read this. I seem to make a lot of friends, right? It wasn't always like this. From 2003 to 2009, I was doing 40 to 45 weddings a year. I was exhausted and my family never saw me. I came to a realization: my best work was always with the clients I connected with the most. In 2010, I decided I would only take assignments that attracted me. I think when I am going to spend as intimate a time with a couple as I do, it *should* matter and I *should* care that we connect. Not only have I developed many friendships since, but my art has blossomed, and is published regularly. Love & passion, after all, always matters.
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